Mar del Plata

Founded in 1874, Mar del Plata is a city and seaside resort popularly known as La Ciudad Feliz (The Happy City) and La Perla del Atlántico (The Pearl of the Atlantic). It is the second largest city in the Buenos Aires province and the seventh largest city in Argentina.
It is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, right where Tandilia's mountain range -which runs from the center of the province to Cabo Corrientes (Cape Corrientes)- ends. Thanks to this, the terrain is wavy and the coast is irregular, with beautiful beaches and rocky capes. Its beauty and closeness to Buenos Aires (400 km) turned this city into the biggest seaside resort in Argentina.
Mar del Plata offers lots of entertaniment options, such as theaters, cinemas, casinos, bars, night clubs, restaurants, museums, a water park, an oceanarium, etc. One of the most important attractions is its seaport, where fishing is the main activity and which is surrounded by various seafood restaurants. It is possible to walk across the city by the waterfront, while enjoying the traditional "alfajores", a famous local pastry.
Millions of tourists visit Mar del Plata each summer. Thus, the city offers a wide range of lodging options, with plenty of availability during November.


Several flights connect Mar del Plata with Buenos Aires every day (note that they depart from Jorge Newbery airport, not from Ministro Pistarini-Ezeiza).
The city can easily be reached by car or bus. There are lots of bus services connecting Mar del Plata with many other cities.

City images

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